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If you think you are ready to be part of a dynamic, versatile and young workforce, apply for our existing openings.

  • Vice President - Legal

    As the Vice President - Legal, you will be leading our corporate legal strategy, including compliance, M&A, financing, intellectual property, regulatory affairs and governance, policy making, litigation, disputes and contract negotiations....

  • SDE II - Data

    As our SDE II - Data, you will be responsible for designing and developing highly scalable data pipeline solutions and collectively own its data integrity and consistency. You must be able to see the big picture of the company's data situation and be...

  • AVP - Quality Assurance

    As our AVP - Quality Assurance, you will be responsible for ensuring quality of our products. Working with a highly motivated team, you will help build the most successful gaming platform for the web and the mobile, hosting games played by millions. You...