Junglee Games

Data Scientist

Our BI & Analytics team is looking for a meticulous  Data Scientist, who can develop complex statistical models and machine learning algorithms to tackle critical product and business challenges. Working with our Product teams, you will implement data science models that integrate into live production systems. Through deep behavioral analytics, you’ll uncover significant product insights to help improve our player experiences. As a leader in our organization, you’ll level-up our data science infrastructure and tools by contributing directly to our Data Intelligence vision and stack. 


  • To derive recommendations from data and present them to stakeholders to improve Business KPIs.
  • To select features, build and optimize classifiers using machine learning techniques.
  • To propose a hypothesis and design experiments in the context of specific problems.
  • To data mine using state-of-the-art methods.
  • To extend the company’s data with third-party sources of information when needed.
  • To find opportunities to automate analytical and data flow processes using machine learning algorithms, and work with the technical team to save time and increase productivity.
  • To process and cleanse data, and verify the integrity of data used for analysis.
  • To conduct ad-hoc analysis and present results in a clear manner.
  • To create automated anomaly detection systems and constant tracking of its performance.


  • 5+ years of experience in a Data Scientist role, with experience in all stages; statistical model development, machine learning, analytics and data operations, resulting in clear actionable insights that improve business KPIs.
  • Advanced applied statistics skills, such as distributions, statistical testing, regression, etc.
  • Expertise in identifying trends, patterns, and outliers in data.
  • Experience in statistical programming languages using analytical Packages/ library: R, Python.
  • Experience in data visualization tools, such as Tableau, ClickView, and PowerBI.
  • Experience in enterprise data technologies, large-scale DB management, ETL pipelines, and streaming models. Proficiency in SQL and relational databases, data warehousing, and NoSQL databases.
  • Experience in Hadoop, PIG, HIVE preferred though not compulsory.
  • Experience in Machine Learning: Data /Text Mining, NLP, Decision Trees, Adaptive Decision Algorithms, Random Forest and Search Algorithms.
  • Data-oriented thinking and scientific temperament that seeks to rigorously validate hypotheses/ideas.
  • Must have a Ph.D. in statistics/optimization algorithms/ Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning or a similar domain.

About Junglee Games:

Junglee Games is a leader in the skill-gaming space, with over 25 million users. Founded in San Francisco in 2012, and funded by top-tier Silicon Valley VCs, Junglee Games is the fastest-growing skill-gaming company in the world. Some of our notable games are Junglee Rummy, Eatme.io, Junglee Teen Patti, and Howzat.

With teams in 7 countries, Junglee is 250 people strong and has close to doubled in revenues and headcount every year. With YOY growth of 80-100% and high profitability, Junglee will see close to $600 million in gross transaction volumes in FY19-20 and scale to 50 million users.

Our team has worked on international AAA titles like Transformers, Real Steel, Mech Conquest, and Dueling Blades. Our designers have worked on some of Hollywood’s biggest hits, including the movie Avatar.

Junglee is not just a gaming business - it is a blend of data science, innovation, cutting-edge technology and, most importantly, a values-driven culture that is creating the next set of conscious leaders.

Our mission is to build entertainment for millions of people around the world and connect people through high-quality games with customer delight. 

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